BiH forbids Walnut Imports due to increased Aflatoxins

The phytosanitary inspection of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), has forbidden imports of 20,16 tons of walnut from Romania on Tuesday due to increased presence of aflatoxin B1.
The entity inspectorate prohibited the import of this shipment as part of a regular inspection of foreign trade, the Inspectorate said in a statement on Tuesday.
The competent inspector carried out laboratory analysis which showed an increased presence of aflatoxin B1 in amount of 2,58 micrograms per kilogram, where maximum allowed is 2,0 micrograms.
The inspector banned the import of disputed contingents and ordered returning or destruction under the supervision of the competent inspector.
In the first six months of this year, the Inspectorate banned the import of five consignments of fruits and vegetables due to the established increased presence of pesticide residues.
Aflatoxin B1 is poisonous substance that is found all over the world; it can contaminate food crops and pose a serious health threat to humans and livestock.
Aflatoxin B1 is potent carcinogens and  may  affect  all  organ systems,  especially the liver and kidneys, causing cancer, World Heath Organization (WHO) website stated. Enditem

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