BiH entered the European Science and Culture Circle on this Day in 1894

August 16, 2017 7:45 AM

The International Congress of Archeologists and Anthropologists started in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on August 15, 1894.

As noted from the National Museum in our country, that was a time of extraordinary discoveries in our country including the Neolithic station in Butmir, the site in Glasinac, houses on stilts in Ripce and Donja Dolina, and the necropolis in the Una valley.

“These discoveries became the foundation of pre historic archeology in BiH, and a huge amount of collected and processed material became the foundation of the fund of the prehistoric collection of the National Museum of BiH. Such important results that were achieved in a relatively short period of time made an echo in the European cultural and scientific public. European and world scientists had the opportunity to get familiar with the work of the experts of the National Museum of BiH through Glasnik of the National Museum of BiH and the Wissenschafliche Mittheilungen aus Bosnien und der Herzegovina.

Government organized the International Congress of Archeologists and Anthropologists in Sarajevo in the period from August 15-21, 1894, with the aim to share these significant discoveries in the field of prehistoric archaeology and anthropology with the as large number of people as possible.

The aforementioned gathering was attended by archaeologists and anthropologists from England, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and Austro-Hungary.

“The presence of scientists from all over Europe, as well as positive evaluations for the results of the research, meant a definite entry of BiH into the circle of European science and culture,” as emphasized by the National Museum of BiH.


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