BiH Company produced 17 million Filters for Exports

May 29, 2018 12:00 PM

The factory of filters from Tesanj, which is owned by the German company “Mann Hummel”, hired more than 130 new employees only in the past year, besides their regular 500 employees. They produced a record 17 million filters for the abroad market in the past year.

”We increased our revenues by 27 % in the last year only. We have significantly increased our production as well. The production of filter elements was also increased by 17 %,” said Mahmut Galijasevic, the Director General of the company “Mann Hummel BA”.

Together with the introduction of new technologies, education of employees and increased production, we are also working on the expansion of our capacities.

”We never had any problems at the local level. The state must have more understanding for this kind of companies. We must be much more aggressive when it comes to positive changes,” stated Galijasevic.





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