BiH Border Police Boat stolen and found near Croatia

On the night from Friday to Saturday at 01:30 o’clock, the boat of the Border Police Unit (JGP) of Bosanska Gradiska was stolen, which was found not far from the coast of Croatia after an intensive search.

As Klix.ba find out, immediately after it was established that the boat was missing, the Croatian Border Police was informed, which, along with the officers of the Bosanska Gradiška Border Police, sent their patrols in search of it.

In addition to the commander, the inspector on duty and the police officers of the Bosanska Gradiska Border Police, civilians were also involved in the intensive search.

After several hours of searching, more precisely, this morning at 07:00, the boat was found about 200 to 300 meters downstream on the Sava River, not far from the Croatian coast.

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