BiH Airports record 8.9 pct Increase in Passenger Arrivals in 2018

Nearly 1.7 million passengers went through four international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) last year, an 8.9 percent increase year-on-year, BiH’s Agency for Statistics said in a report on Friday.

Based on the data from BiH’s Civil Aviation Directorate, Sarajevo International Airport welcomed more than 1 million passengers in 2018.

Mostar Airport, located some 130 km southwest of the capital recorded 28,673 passengers, while Tuzla Airport, located 110 km northeast of Sarajevo, recorded 584,610 passengers.

Banja Luka Airport, located 235 km northwest, welcomed 36,180 passengers, reports said.

“There was a decrease in the number of passengers on Mostar airport, while the remaining three airports had a greater number of passengers compared to 2017,” says the report.

Four international airports had 19,864 air operations last year, up 4.4 percent year-on-year, Xinhua reports.

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