BiH to achieve Billions of Income through Exports of Software Solutions?

April 19, 2017 10:00 AM

internetThe Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH in cooperation with Bit Alijansa will organize “The first conference for development of software industry in BiH” with the aim of presentation and promotion of potentials that are available to domestic software industry, and it will take place on the 25th of April in the building of the Parliament of BiH.

The software industry in BiH is growing every day, especially thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of local software companies. This is a sector for which exist the greatest demand on the world market and which has a trend of long-term continuous growth.

According to a preliminary analysis of the association Bit Alijansa, which gathers local software companies, the annual income per software engineer is somewhere between 80,000 and 120,000 BAM. With education of every 1,000 new software engineers, BiH could get an income of more than 90 million BAM on an annual basis primarily from exports. With 25,000 software engineers, BH software industry could achieve more than 2 billion BAM of income and it would surpass the strongest economic sector in BiH, the wood industry, when it comes to exports. If we are familiar with the fact that the projected deficit of software engineers in the world is around 2 million, and that, for example, Romania is planning to educate 300,000 software engineers by 2020, there is a real chance for BH software industry to become the engine of development, employment and financial stabilization of BiH.

“The first conference for the development of software industry in BiH” aims to present potential of domestic software industry, as well as trends in the development of this industry in the region and the world, and employment opportunities for a large number of young professionals in this sector of the economy, to the public and decision makers.

Participants and guests of the “First conference for the development of software industry in BiH” will be representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH, as well as representatives of other ministries and government institutions in BiH at all levels, representatives of the software industry and educational institutions, and representatives of NGO’s and media.

Apart from presenting the potential development of the software industry in BiH to general public, with the organization of “The first conference for the development of software industry in BiH” is sent a message of support of BH government to software industry, as the official commitment of BiH and its institutions at all levels, with the aim of strategic development of this sector of industry in BiH.



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