BHANSA to control the entire BH Sky by the End of 2019?

The Agency for the Provision of Air Navigation Services (BHANSA) was nominated for the prestigious award of the Jane’s ATC Awards at the World ATM Congress, which was held in the period from 8 March 6 to 8, in Madrid. This award is usually awarded for the best projects that contribute to the development of air traffic management in the world.

At the Congress, which is the most important event in the field of air traffic, the successful implementation of the South East Common Sky Initiative Free Route Airspace (SECSI FRA), whose active participant is BHANSA, attracted a lot of attention. Shortening of the distance of up to 1,940 nautical miles could be achieved by enabling flights on the shortest daily travels, which provides savings of 285 minutes of flight time, reduces fuel consumption by 8,000 kilograms and emissions of carbon dioxide by 25,500 kilograms.

It is expected from the SECSI FRA to ensure potential savings between 600,000 and 700,000 nautical miles on an annual basis.

The director of BHANSA Davorin Primorac announced that BHANSA will take the control over the entire BH sky at the end of next year. He noted that BiH had almost no capacity for providing air navigation services until just a few years ago, and it is now taking the full control over its own sky.

“BHANSA prepared a transition plan for the implementation of Phase II for the take over the entire sky. Currently, we are conducting training for the necessary number of controllers,” noted Primorac.

(Source: akta.ba)


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