BH Tourism: Salem Bubalo makes unique Souvenirs

Salem Bubalo, the Director of the Institute for Spatial Planning of the City of Mostar started making of special souvenirs. Namely, the souvenirs are made of oak and beech and they reflect the authenticity of the prehistoric climate in materials and motives.

There are different types of souvenirs ranging from tables, chairs, stands for cell phones, glasses for wine and brandy, tobacco boxes and other souvenirs dominated by the motives of the Old Bridge in Mostar and Pocitelj.

When he was asked about the origin of the idea, Bubalo answers that he has discovered his talent as a boy when he made old ship designs.

“This is a special story that has a special soul, and in that light we will present it,” says Bubalo.

Making these original souvenirs is like a vacation for Bubalo, and so far he has been making them for a close circle of friends and acquaintances around the world.

However, due to the growing interest in these handicrafts, he is currently establishing a craft where he will employ eight young and skilled people.

“We plan to go with mass production, and each of the souvenirs will be protected,” adds Bubalo.

Moreover, he is currently preparing a special sales catalog of all these products, which will be available with prices, formats, offer and availability.


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