BH Telecom’s Shares on the highest Level this Year

February 20, 2018 11:45 AM

BH Telecom’s shares were increased by 2.52 % to 14.2 BAM, which is their highest price this year.

Last time when BH Telecom’s shares were on a level this high was November 30, and their price then was 14.3 BAM per share.

They have been in a slight decrease ever since, and they were a bit above 13 BAM in the recent period of time.

Today’s price increase was recorded on a relatively small trade of 480 shares, with the total value of 6,816 BAM.

This price increase happened after a large number of media published a text last weekend in which was stated that BH Telecom is the most valuable company in BiH, referring to the report of SeeNews from the last October.

In order to be precise, let’s say that only companies whose shares are traded on the stock market were mentioned in this report, and therefore, some of the largest companies from BiH were not included in that report.

Furthermore, the largest turnover yesterday was recorded with the shares of FDS in the total amount of 250.583 BAM.




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