BH Retail Chains profited from the Crush of Agrokor?

February 11, 2018 1:00 PM

The leading European magazine for retail, European Supermarket Magazine (ESM), published a new text on BiH, in which it noted the large expansion of domestic retail chains.

The magazine quoted the research of Euromonitor, in which was stated that Agrokor’s problems largely improved the position of other participants on the retail market in BiH. Bingo, which is the market leader, achieved the largest profit.

Currently, the domestic capital stands behind the seven of the top 10 retail chains that are present in BiH.

Another retail chain that experienced strong expansion is Tropic, and it opened new stores in Prijedor, Bijeljina and Bratunac last year, with which the number of its stores was increased to 56.

The ESM also wrote that Robot announced a public invitation for the purchase of real estate, where they are planning to open trade centers.

The company will invest additional 60 million in new 20 to 30 centers in the next three years.

At the end, Fructa Trade, which is dealing with both retail and wholesale, opened a new store in Petricevac in Banja Luka, and thus increased the number of its stores to 33.




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