B&H participates in the peacekeeping Operations in the World for 15 years

May 31, 2015 8:30 PM

forces bihThe marking ceremony of 15 years of participation of police officers from B&H in the peacekeeping operations of the United Nations (UN) was held yesterday in Sarajevo, on the occasion of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.

Assistant Security Minister for International Cooperation and European Integration, Samir Rizvo, stated that B&H had the opportunity to participate in numerous peacekeeping missions all around the globe, in order to build peace and security.

“Over these last years, we had the opportunity to participate in a total of six UN peacekeeping missions and send 258 police officers on those missions. We did not have any kinds of problems, and none of them had any consequence. Therefore, we will continue with active participation in peacekeeping missions of UN, “said Rizvo.

He emphasized that B&H forces performed their tasks in the best possible manner, which is why they have received so far only the words of affirmation by the UN.

“Thanks to the experience and knowledge that our officers gained in the international environment, they had a chance to share this new knowledge in their police agencies in B&H. We received only words of praise and affirmation from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the UN (DPKO). So far, a total of 258 people went on the mission. 36 of them were women, which is more than ten percent, and I believe that in this statistics we are leading the world, “said Rizvo.

Deputy Minister of Security, Mijo Krešić, emphasized that B&H has become a country that provides help to the other countries while it used the international help by itself before.

“Considering all that B&H went through from the 90s up to now, we’ve been users of international assistance in various police missions for some time as well. At one point 15 years ago, we got the opportunity to begin with the inclusion of our police officers in the UN mission all around the world. It is a very good feeling to be in a position to participate in the building of peace and security and to help the others, “said Krešić.


(Source: novi.ba)

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