BH Innovators won 15 Awards in Poland and the Czech Republic

Innovators from BiH won a total of 15 prizes for six innovations, which were presented during three days in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ivan Milicevic, a machine engineer from Posusje, won three gold medals for innovation “Injection without visible needles”.

Dr. sc. Fikret Alic, a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Tuzla, received two gold medals for his invention called “nano-magnetic filter of fluids”.

Sasenko Sadikovic from Ljubuski, also received the golden medal for a chainsaw that does not use machine oil. Sadikovic also received silver medals in both cities.

Zoran Kutle from Siroki Brijeg received a silver medal in the Czech Republic and bronze medal in Poland for the “multi-member spiral spring”.

Borko Babalj from Trebinje (glasses with no lenses) and Josip Gujic from Kakanj (the book alignment holder) received bronze medals in the Czech Republic as well.

The Association of Innovators of BiH received an honorary diploma in Trinec for presentation of innovations of its members at the exhibition “Invent-Arena”.

The overall impression of great success was further confirmed by the fact that its director Husein Hujic, who works as the Secretary General of BH Association,  represented the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA).

(Source: klix.ba)








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