BH Innovation HRocket to help Employers

Employers will have facilitated process of selection of their future employees thanks to the innovation of young BH IT experts, which is called HRocket.

Ismir Harambasic and his company Ant Colony created this software solution that will see the light of a day very soon.

“This is the start-up that finds the best candidates for the job through its software solution with the help of Neurosurgical Programming – NLP and Artificial Intelligence. HRocket scans the CV database that we obtain from the client or by using our own databases, and finds candidates who are potentially the best for the position based on the submitted paragraphs and sends them emails,” said Harambasic.

What is specific is that every HRocket’s response is carefully analyzed, and here is applied the NLP and artificial intelligence that processes videos and gives a detailed report on the candidate.

Micro-expression of the face is observed then, as well as emotions that candidate felt while answering the question.

The company will have the possibility to review all the other interviews as well, and anylize the emotional report for each candidate.

The aim of the HRocket is to deal with  is the pre-selection of candidates, which is very tiring not only for agencies / companies but also for candidates.

Harambasic said that the entire process is still in the process of development, but they already agreed with several companies to use HRocket solutions for their employment process, which will get its final framework soon.

(Source: akta.ba)


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