BH Gas Stations following the World Trend in the Prices of Oil

September 30, 2015 2:30 PM

Oil Prices in Stagnation novac.baThe prices at the gas stations in B&H are not recording significant changes in the past days, and the reason is that the prices are not changing on the world market either.

When it comes to the reaction of the oil market in FB&H, it follows the movement on the world stage; therefore significant changes in the prices at the gas stations have not been recorded for two weeks already.

As confirmed by the Sector for prices, analysis, and development of market within the Ministry of Trade of FB&H, the only change was recorded during recent Eid al-Adha, when certain companies temporarily lowered the price of petrol and diesel.

It is all proportional to the situation on the world oil market, actually the status of prices of American and Northern European crude oil, which can be described as a mild stagnation.

The relative stagnation was recorded for the last time at the end of June, and the current state of small variability lasts from the last sudden rise recorded on September 1st. Shortly after, the prices have normalized, i.e. the oscillations, to which the world market had to adjust just as radically, were calmed.

Since the beginning of September small oscillations are occurring of only one or two dollars with a mean value of $48 per barrel when it comes to the European Brent, and around $45 when it comes to the American WTI oil.


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