BH Export recorded Increase in 2017?

The Vice-President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH Bruno Bojic stated that the trend of export increase continued despite the political circumstances in BiH, as well as the export-import coverage.

“We made a significant step forward in 2017 when it comes to export-import coverage, which recorded a significant increase. It is difficult to distinguish a special sector among others, but we can say that the wood industry is leading, as well as the metal sector with military industry, and tourism sector is also recognizable and it strengthens the agricultural sector. Some business subjects in the field of construction have contracted jobs in our environment in competition with some prestigious companies, and those jobs refer to the construction of sections of highway, bridges, etc.,” noted Bojic.

He noted the importance of developing infrastructure which, according to him, is necessary for the progress of any country.

When it comes to investments, Bojic added that it is a luck that no bigger investor has withdrawn and took profit from BiH, but reinvested this profit in the real sector and thus expanded his business in BiH.

“We are hoping to strengthen the investment climate with our joint activities in 2018 and find quality solutions for investments and better business operations of all business subjects,” stated Bojic.

According to him, the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH has fulfilled its mission of representing business entities before legislative bodies and before everyone who want to cooperate with BiH, i.e. diplomatic and consular representative offices, business entities abroad and many others. They have done a lot to contribute to better business operation through different activities of fair manifestations, round tables and seminars.





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