BH Diaspora to organize Iftar Dinner in the Parliament of New South Wales

BH Diaspora ValesDjemila Talic-Gabriel, the Honorary Consul of BiH in New South Wales, will organize iftar dinner in the Parliament of New South Wales for the first time in the history of BH diaspora on Tuesday, May 30.

She and her husband, a successful Australian businessman Chris Gabriel, accepted the responsibility of the organization of this historical event for all Bosnians in Australia with joy because, despite the huge costs, they want to present BiH in the best way possible.

In order for the first iftar dinner in the Parliament of New South Wales to take place in perfect order, the Honorary Consul hired a team of experts, and each expert is engaged as a volunteer, feeling honored to contribute to this great event of writing a new history of BiH.

“I have to note that the Islamic community and ABHCA offered generous help in the process of organization. Also, we will be able to pray tarawih prayer (special prayer for Muslims that is worshiped during the month of Ramadan) in the Parliament. Apart from several ministers from the party of liberals and laborists, the iftar will be attended by three imams, two Catholic priests, consuls of other countries and the head of the prosecutor’s office. The main guest of the evening will be Edhem Eddie Custovic, a professor at the University of LaTrobe, who will describe his own life path from a refugee to renowned professor. Among participants of the program will be Rijan Hamidovic, a former member of Chorus Hazreti Hamza, who currently lives in Sydney,” said Talic- Gabriel and noted that the event will be followed by representatives of SBS and ABC radio and TV.

Successful Bosnian thanked her team that diligently carried out final preparations for iftar, which is consisted of Edina Kamenjas, who is in charge of the program, Emina Kamenjasevic Ramic, who is in charge of decoration of the space, Mirsada Alemic Helac, who is in charge of invitations, Emin Serifovic, who is in charge of the technical side of the program, Fahir Zecevic – journalist for video and photos, and Maida Vugdalic will lead the program.

(Source: klix.ba)


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