BH Company rapidly increased the Number of their Employees to 118

August 21, 2018 11:00 AM

The company “Euro Oniks” from Tesanj, which is one of the leading producers of PVC joinery in BiH and that is owned by businessman Ahmo Halilovic, has been recording nothing but success in the past few years.

The number of employees was increased from 30 to the current 118 in the last three years, and the production cycle in their factory in the business area of Ljetinici has been completely closed.

Besides the production of joinery, the company “Euro Oniks” also focused on the production of decorative entrance door panels, which they export to several countries. They have their retail outlets in Tesanj, Doboj South and Usora, as well as Prijedor, Prnjavor and Derventa.

Moreover, this company is a great example for the right kind of relationship towards the war veterans because, besides employing a large number of demobilized war veterans, they are also actively included in the employment project that is realized with the support of the Ministry for War Veterans Affairs of ZDC.

“We accepted a very interesting offer from the Ministry for War Veterans Affairs of ZDC and started with the employment of the veteran population in the last two years. Our obligation is to keep the workers for two years, but we have already changed the contract with eight workers and permanently employed them. I would like to invite other companies to employ war veterans as well, because now the Ministry for War Veterans Affairs will help them in that process,” said Muris Jabandzic Tigar, the Director of Euro Oniks.

The acting cantonal minister, Fahrudin Colakovic, visited production plants of this company and thanked owners Halilovic and Jabandzic for showing their sensibility towards the population of war veterans and recognizing their interest in the project organized by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of ZDC at the same time.







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