BH Company producing Nets for Roland Garros?

October 29, 2017 11:00 AM

Enes Kahrimanovic from Kozarac has been running the company “Austronet” for ten years in Kozarac, and he used to work in Austria before.

The company is successfully operating for ten years and records great business results, and it got significantly increased after a decade. From the original 5 employees, the company now employs a total of 83 workers, and they are planning to have 100 employees at the beginning of next year. Their profit amounted to 500,000 BAM in the year of 2007, and they are estimating the profit of 7 million BAM at the end of this year. They are also planning the construction of new halls and expansion of their capacities.

BH Company “Austronet” is producing protective agricultural nets, several types of fences, and last year they exported 5 million square meters of net to the Netherlands, that is, the protective nets for pigeons. They are also producing nets for construction works, advertisements on protective nets, nets for tennis courts on all European terrains, including the ones on Roland Garros.

There are also commercials for large brands such as Adidas, Nike, for car-houses, they equipped concerts for Robby Williams, Metallica, and they were also present at the World Beach Volleyball Championship, the European Football Championship, the opening of the Olympics in China etc.

Moreover, they are producing sun protection sails for the brand Soliday, which are competitors to Sunnysail and Easy Shade. Soliday is one of the leading three brands in the world, and 96 % of their products are exported to the EU, while 4 % are being sold to our regional countries, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and BiH.

They are entering the Amazon as of January 1, next year, which is the world’s largest internet sales portal, where customers will be able to directly order their nets.

One of the employees at “Austronet”, Melina Mujkanovic, said that she is very happy in this company, and especially with the employer’s relationship towards the workers. Melina noted that they are working the most during the summer, and she, like her colleagues, is very satisfied with her salary.

(Source: N1)


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