BH company Euro Asfalt implements Several Hundred Million BAM worth Projects

January 10, 2017 8:00 AM

euroasfalt“In the summer of last year, we signed a contract in consortium with Austrian Strabag on the Corridor 5C for the construction of section near Zenica, which is worth slightly more than 200 million BAM. We signed valuable contracts in Slovenia, Germany, and Montenegro, with a total value of around 200 million BAM. We also signed several smaller contracts, with their individual values amounting up to 20 million BAM. All these agreements have helped to compensate for a lack of work and income in the previous two years,” said Director General of BH company Euro-Asfalt, Hamed Ramic.

“We have signed a contract worth 82 million BAM a month ago in Montenegro and we realized a deal worth around 10 million EUR in Germany. We passed the pre-qualification tender in the Czech Republic, which is worth about 200 million EUR. It would be great for all of us to get that job, but if that does not happen, that country will remain a very interesting for us as a market,” said Ramic.

Speaking about the projects on which Euro-Asfalt is engaged outside BiH, Ramic said that they currently have a project in Slovenia, which is worth 110 million BAM.

He said that they have nearly 600 workers engaged on the construction sites in the country and three sites abroad and that they announced the advertisement for recruitment of new employees for the building site in Germany.

As for the dynamics of the work on the section of South Longitudinal in Sarajevo, Ramic said that construction workers and farmers have one big similarity – they both largely depend on weather conditions.

“There are some problems with the land ownership on the section that are being solved “on the fly”. We hope that, at least in the part of work that depends directly on us, there will be no delay. We often ended all of our work, when it depended only on us, before the time limits that were specified by contracts. If winter and rainfall end up to be as meteorologists announced, a small delay is possible. We will see,” said Ramic.




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