BH Brand Tops on the Market of Sweden

Agrokomerc’s brand Tops, which is produced by the food industry AC FOOD from Velika Kladusa, entered the market of Sweden. The first quantities of this famous BH biscuit are already on the shelves of shops and larger chain stores City Gross and Orient Hus in Sweden. This is a result of exclusive cooperation that was achieved with distributor Plivit Trade AB Sweden.

“Sweden is another new market that we entered in the last nine months since we took over the production and placement of the brand Tops. We have previously tested the market and this is the taste that consumers from Sweden have been waiting for. The first reactions are great, and we believe that we will achieve large success on the market of Sweden. It is interesting that regardless of market differences and expectations regarding the taste, Tops really connects people. We are well-aware of these advantages, so we will continue with the international expansion of our brand,” as stated from the AC FOOD.

Sweden is the tenth foreign market at which Tops is placed. Besides Sweden, Tops is also exported to Slovenia, USA, Croatia, Iraq, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Austria.

“We have great expectations regarding our brand Tops. We needed one such quality brand in our excellent offer on the Swedish market. I hope that the entry of Tops into the Swedish market will lead us to opening of a new chapter in the placement of this well-known brand in this part of Europe,” said one of the owners, Amir Golalic.

Plivit Trade AB was founded back in 1998 in the Swedish city of Vastervik. The company achieved the profit of 6 million SEK in the first year of operation. Over the last 20 years, the company has grown into a Group that achieves an annual income of 200 million SEK, which has numerous subsidiaries in the territory of South East Europe, and business operation that was expanded from import and sales to the production. Plivit Trade is the exclusive distributor of well-known regional brands from the Balkans on the market of Sweden.



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