“The Best Woman of the 21st Century” for three Business Women from BiH

December 4, 2017 6:30 PM

Adisa Tufo, general manager of the Sarajevo company CIP systems, Adriana Basara, journalist and TV host of RTRS, and also president of Humanitarian organization “Budimo ljudi” and Enesa Djulic, owner of “Racks Production Bosnia” doo from Jajce, are the winners of  “The best woman of the 21st century”  in South East Europe award, which was handed this year at the Zlatnik Hotel in Belgrade.

Organized by agency “Airli-Novo +” this year, the 18th  time, awards were given to successful women from different domains of interest. As the organizers state, the award goes to women’s hands – for their outstanding results in business and market recognition, to individuals by quality, standard – which in their business can compete with world brands.

Manifestation “The best woman of the 21st  century” has on international significance, justifying the epithet of an excellent marketing event in this part of South East Europe. “This is a story about them, “the best women” – about how their name has become synonym for the profession they have” the organizers said.

“It is a great pleasure to get a regional recognition and praise for the job you are doing. This recognition is a proof that the entrepreneurial commitment is appreciated, “ said Mrs. Adisa Tufo, one of the winners, adding that new acquaintances represent an opportunity that can lead to new cooperations.

Tufo at the same time points out that this award clears the geographical boundary: “Networking is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, and today we are crossing boundaries and prove that our business can make economic image of whole Balkan stronger. Our countries are too small to be really outstanding, but together we can do more,  “ adds the director of a successful Sarajevo company.

This year, 27 recognitions were awarded to successful women from the area of entrepreneurship, media, medicine, culture and other fields from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


(Source: Akta.ba)



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