Best Bosnian Basketball Player Jusuf Nurkic donates 125 Tonnes of Food


The humanitarian organization showed its humanity during the coronavirus pandemic and helped those most endangered groups in our society.

The actions of distributing the package are still ongoing, and now support has arrived from the best Bosnian basketball player Jusuf Nurkic.

The popular Juka donated as much as 125 tons of food to the organization, which greatly facilitated its mission, which is to reach the final 500 tons of food, which will be distributed this month to people in need throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Nurkic is someone who has helped various humanitarian actions on many occasions in recent years, and each time he was explicit that it must not be known that he is a donor. This time we managed to get approval to publish his donation, primarily with the aim of offering others to help people in need, which unfortunately are more and more every day, and especially now due to the overall situation with the coronavirus.

“We truly thank Jusuf from our hearts on behalf of all those to whom this food will mean a lot “, is stated by

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