Begic: They are investing 1.6 Million BAM in COVID Hospital, which will be demolished


“COVID hospital in Banja Luka looks like from a horror movie,” is how the president of the Banja Luka Youth Council of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), Ivan Begic, described the facility where the government wants to accommodate the patients with coronavirus, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“This is one part of the new COVID hospital in which the government of Republika Srpska (RS) has invested 600.000 BAM and they plan, as they say, to invest another million BAM – in case we need it. So in case ‘we need it’, they buy a helicopter, a mobile hospital, and return it – you know what happened in that case. Imagine investing 1.600.000 BAM in a building that will be demolished and you say: yes, when the pandemic is gone, we will tear this down”, Begic pointed out.

His video shows an old, devastated building that is located in the city center, as he said. He also pointed out other moves done by the entity government that he considers unacceptable.

“Imagine giving 35 million BAM to an underground garage at the University Clinical Center in Banja Luka, without having one general hospital like Prijedor, Doboj and Bijeljina have. So if we had built a city hospital, we would not have had to build a COVID hospital here, because we would have the capacity. We would not have to build that parking lot worth 35 million BAM “, Begic pointed out.

He assessed that the location where the COVID hospital is planned to be built, as he said, is ideal for the construction of a general hospital, but that this will not happen thanks to the authorities. According to him, that will change after the local elections.

He called on the citizens of RS to give the authorities, as he said, a bag of cement, sand and other materials for the construction of the hospital, considering the fact that they spent the money on the purchase of helicopters, travel, etc.

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