Because of Political Blockings of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Financial Agreements worth 2 Billion BAM are on hold


Because of Milorad Dodik’s blockade of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency and the failure of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, a financial agreements worth more than 1.9 billion BAM, previously approved by the BiH Council of Ministers, was blocked, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Despite persistent challenges to the SNSD party and allegations of a “technical mandate” of the BiH Council of Ministers, official figures show that the state government is the only authority operating at the institution level.

Almost a year after the presidential and parliamentary elections were held, no government was formed at the level of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, because of the SNSD’s political decision not to participate in the work of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, from the day of its constitution to the present day, the state legislative power is completely blocked.

Apparently dissatisfied with the fact that the staff of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yet been seated, SNSD officials over the past few months, completely ignoring the fact that the legislature did not pass any laws due to their blockages, argued that the BiH Council of Ministers is not functioning.

Moreover, they began to introduce into the public space the story of the alleged “technical mandate” of the Council of Ministers of BiH, even though there is no “technical mandate”, that is, the current convocation of the Council of Ministers of BiH has a full mandate until the election of a new convocation of the state government.

According to information provided by the Klix.ba portal, the BiH Council of Ministers is the only government body operating at the institution level from the date of the elections until today. From October 2018 to the end of August 2019, the State Government held 31 sessions (regular and extraordinary), adopting as many as 705 points during that period. Among these points are 26 financial agreements that never became operational precisely because of the reluctance of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

There are a total of 11 agreements and initiatives in the drawers of the BiH Presidency members, with a value of 199,099,677 euros. Thus, at the moment, due to the reluctance of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the financial agreement is worth as much as 772.775.517 euros.

When the agreements on which the BiH Presidency has not yet been declared and the agreements not ratified by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, submitted by the BiH Council of Ministers for consideration in accordance with legal powers, amount to 1,900,822,660 BAM will be added.





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