‘Be Aware of Thieves’ Sign installed in Centre of Sarajevo

In order to create a more favorable security environment for the stay of tourists, as well as to all citizens of Sarajevo Canton, a sign that warns tourists about thieves is placed on the street in Sarajevo.

Stories about stolen objects on the streets and the public city traffic are usual everyday and citizens are complaining about the increased activity of the thieves using every opportunity and moment of lack of attention to steal.

In February this year, the Sarajevo Ministry of the Interior issued a “guide to tourists” on the occasion of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF), warning of the large number of thieves on the streets of Sarajevo.

“Do not leave valuable items in the vehicle”, “pay attention to the people who are looking for grace, because often perpetrators of criminal acts” and “thieves steal money on the streets, squares and public transport” are some of the messages.

But it does not seem to be enough, so there is a sign on the streets of Sarajevo that warns tourists to be very careful, news portal reports.

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