Banned HIPP Baby food on Bosnian Market?

March 5, 2017 9:00 PM

hippDue to increased level of arsenic, Serbia has banned the import of “HIPP Organic Instant rice flakes”, however it is not known whether this baby food is imported into the country.

The Serbian Ministry of Health announced that the product does not correspond to the conditions prescribed by the Food Safety and the Regulations. Moreover, it was decided for products to be returned to the supplier or safely destroyed through authorized organizations.

The competent inspection of two entities and district Brcko was asked by the Food Safety Agency of BiH to check whether there has been the importation of this product in BiH, and the importer of HIPP products in BiH are requested to make urgent observations.

Atacao Ltd. Mostar, which is a distributor of HIPP products for BiH informed the Agency for Food Safety in BiH that they did not import “HIPP Organic Instant porridge-rice flakes, 20g net, lot 6001791, manufacturing date: 04.05.2016., Expiration date: 30.11.2017, HIPP GmbH & Co. Export KG Austria”, nor it is distributed to customers.

“After the complementation of the investigation by the Agency and receipt of feedback from the relevant inspection bodies, the final information on this case will be published”, announced the Agency for Food Safety.

(Source: klix)


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