Bankers in the RS increased Profit in 2016?

March 12, 2017 9:00 AM

Diaspora Money magazin.baSix of eight banks that are headquartered in the RS operated positively last year, while two banks in minus had a significantly smaller loss than in 2015 and the overall result of the banking sector was improved, while the profit amounted to 45.27 million BAM.

Banks which recorded a positive business last year, registered 71.93 million BAM of profit. On the other hand, joint minus of two banks amounted to 26.66 million BAM.

The same number of banks had positive numbers in 2015 as well, but their total profit was significantly lower and amounted to 52.33 million BAM. Out of banks that are currently operating, two had negative results in 2015 and their loss amounted to 54.77 million BAM, which pushed the whole banking sector into the loss of 2.44 million BAM.

However, if we add 90.30 million BAM of loss of Banka Srpske, whose liquidation was started in May 2016, then the total negative result of the banking sector of the RS amounted to 92.74 million BAM.

Reports published on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange showed that NLB bank achieved the highest profit in the past year, which took the leading position from UniCredit bank. NLB Bank had the positive result of 28.81 million BAM, which is almost 10 million BAM more than the previous year.



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