Banja Luka Police sanctioned Person with Bosnian Flag with Lilies

The Banja Luka police sanctioned a person of NN initials, who displayed the flag of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday.

The misdemeanor warrant was issued, according to a statement from the Banja Luka Police Administration, for the shouting, screaming and indecent behavior under Article 7 of the RS Law on Public Order and Peace.

They state that during their regular work and tasks, police officers noticed the movement of a convoy of vehicles towards the city center, and that the so-called war flag was displayed on one of a vehicle of Audi brand.

Earlier, the police in Pale and Vukosavlje also fined the persons who were photographed, as they stated in the statement, with the flag of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Vice President of the BiH entity of RS, Ramiz Salkic, recently told Fena news agency that in RS they must be aware that they live in a country that is internationally recognized under the flag with lilies and that it is historical that on May 22, 1992 the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted to the UN with a flag with lilies.

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