Baker from Bihać Distributes Free Bread to Socially Vulnerable Citizens

April 10, 2015 7:00 AM

Bakery nap.baCaterer from Bihać decided to distribute free bread to socially vulnerable citizens, writes BH news agency Patria.

Amir Mujić, the owner of the bakery and restaurant “Amfora” located in Bihać neighborhood Ozimice, on a daily basis shares a dozen loaves of bread that he hadn’t sold the previous day, and also shares fresh pastries. Mujić’s bread is for some people of Bihać the only secured meal they have during the day.

“Due to the economic calculations, we make as much pastry products as we can sell for the day, but a few loaves that we fail to sell always remain. Instead of throwing them away, we decided to share them to our fellow citizens who are socially vulnerable”, said Mujić, adding that fresh pastries are also shared every day, since there is not always enough bread of “yesterday” and he finds it difficult to turn people back from his bakery hungry.

Mujić said it would be good if other caterers stopped throwing food away, but instead start sorting it and sharing to the disadvantaged citizens, which would greatly facilitate their everyday life, writes NAP.



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