Aziz Shahhuseynov: “Srebrenicanka” is not closed down, we are having an Overhaul

November 7, 2017 1:15 PM

Aziz Shahhuseynov, one of the leading people in the factory for the production of french-fries “Srebrenicanka”, said that the production in this factory was paused due to the overhaul, enhancement of the equipment and quality, but the company was not closed down.

“This company is employing around 20 people and we are currently making a break to increase our quality, but the company was not closed,” said Shahhuseynov.

He also noted that farmers did not respect the contract and that there are parameters on the quantity of starch, sugar, and other ingredients that are allowed in the potato.

“The formed price in the contract is 32 fening per kilogram and allowed mistake is up to 17 %, but it would decrease the price of potatoes. However, the mistake in the samples that we received was 50-60-70 %, depending on the producer to producer,” said Shahhuseynov.

He added that allegations made by farmers that they do not want to purchase their potato are not true, because they are not purchasing potato because it is not the one they agreed on.

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