Azerbaijan Interested in Economic Cooperation with BiH in Metal and Defense Industry

February 6, 2013 10:12 AM

During the visit of the Delegation of the BiH House of Representatives to Azerbaijan, they spoke about the possibility of economic cooperation in hydrogenetics, metal and defense industry, mining and agriculture.

The Chairman of the BiH House of Representatives Božo Ljubić, the first Deputy Chairman Denis Bećirović, and representative Milica Marković made up the Delegation that visited Azerbaijan.

On the first day of bilateral visits there were separate meetings with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Alijev and the President of the Parliament Ogtaj Asadov.

During the meeting, Ljubić drew attention to the possibility of cooperation between the two countries. He presented the economic potential of BiH, with a particular emphasis in the hydrogenetic, metal, agriculture, defense and mining sectors.

He emphasized the importance of ‘’Business Forum’’, which will be held soon in Banja Luka. A Delegation from Azerbaijan will have the opportunity to be one of the most active participants, and the importance of the Azerbaijan pipeline route for BiH would be stressed.

Denis Bećirović mentioned that the relations between the two countries are good and without any suspicions, and this should be used for specific moves.

He said how frequent meetings are desired between the BiH representatives and Azerbaijan, as well as to strengthen cooperation in the area of medicine and culture, as well as academic cooperation. He also mentioned the possibility of including tourism as an especially important area that can be used.

Representative Milica Marković has praised the good intentions between BiH and Azerbaijan. She noted that the resolution on Azerbaijan, which was adopted at the session of the BiH House of Representatives, represents a friendly message of BiH to the citizens of Azerbaijans.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Alijev reminded of the good relations between the two countries, and that they have many similarities. He said how Azerbaijan is fostering active dialogue with former Yugoslav countries and expressed great interest for the Western Balkans. He said this is reflected in the intensive visits by Delegates from Azerbaijan to the region.

Alijev said that after intensive diplomatic contacts with our country, Azerbaijan has big plans to invest in BiH.

The President of the Parliament Ogtaj Asadov noted the great significance of the visit of the BiH Delegation to Azerbaijan, and said that this visit is an important step for strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

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