Authorities in Sanski Most gave up new Cars in favor of Help for endangered Farmers

November 5, 2017 6:00 PM

Local authorities in Sanski Most provided a 100,000 BAM budgetary supplement to the municipal budget and these funds will be paid to agricultural producers who have suffered damage last summer due to the long-term drought.

According to municipal mayor Faris Hasanbegovic, these funds were provided since the local authorities gave up planned purchases of new vehicles in favor of helping endangered farmers.

“We are the only local community in the Una-Sana Canton that has provided funds to help our agricultural producers whose drought has reduced their yields,” Hasanbegovic pointed out.

According to him, the funds will be spent in such a way that each agricultural producer will be paid 40 BAM per one cattle.

The president of the Sanski Most Farmers’ Association Husein Selimovic pointed out that the help is welcome, although it is a symbolic amount.

“The drought caused great damage, especially on maize, whose yield was reduced by about 40%. Farmers were forced to do early silage in the middle of the summer in order to extract some kind of benefits and provide food for their livestock,” Selimovic said.

He added that farmers expect assistance from the level of the USK and the Federation of BiH, and that they are dissatisfied with the fact that the cantonal authorities did not respect their request to declare a state of natural disaster due to drought.



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