Authorities in Republika Srpska to hold Meetings regarding the Attack on Girl wearing Hijab in Srebrenica



Republika Srpska Minister of Education and Culture Natalija Trivic will hold meetings with representatives of Srebrenica Municipality and the leadership of the First Primary School on Tuesday.

The meeting will be attended by Mayor of Srebrenica Mladen Grujicic, President of the Srebrenica Municipal Assembly Nedib Smajic, Acting Principal of the First Elementary School Dragi Jovanovic, Assistant Principal Amela Hadzic, President of the Parents Council Mirnes Zahirovic and Director of the Pedagogical Institute Predrag Damjanovic.

Minister Trivic last week asked for information from Srebrenica authorities and the principal of the elementary school regarding information that a ninth-grade student at First Elementary School in Srebrenica, F.S., wearing a hijab, was attacked while she was returning home from school.

According to her mother, ten Serb students surrounded her daughter, provoked her because she was wearing a scarf and they did not let her go.

The competent commission is also concerned with the recent case when elementary school children in Srebrenica posted a photo with the caption “Chetniks” on social networks. The entity entity minister called for respect for religious, national and any other differences in Srebrenica, and warned that the sector did not support any form of discrimination.


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