Austria allocates One Million Euros for Migrants in Bosnia

Austria has donated one million euros to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the humanitarian care of refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Austrian Embassy in BiH announced that the funds will be essentially used within the “IOM Crisis Response Plan for 2021” for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the construction of the migrant center “Lipa”, but the urgent needs of the most vulnerable groups of migrants will also be covered.

“Austria also supports Bosnia and Herzegovina within the European Union. The European Union announced an additional 3.5m euros in humanitarian aid earlier this year.

“Since 2018, the European Union has allocated a total of 89 million euros to Bosnia and Herzegovina for migration management, of which 13.8 million euros is humanitarian aid,” the Embassy said.

However, as they stated, Austria also directly helps the institutions of Una-Sana Canton, so in addition to the already extensive assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic – within that 200,000 euros for the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina , back in December 2020, the Cantonal Hospital Bihac was donated a PCR testing device purchased by UNDP in the amount of 50,000 euros, as well as 1,000 test sets.

“The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for the long-term improvement of the humanitarian situation for refugees on the ground. For that, it is necessary to manage migrations on the territory of the entire country “, they pointed out from the Austrian Embassy in BiH.

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