Athletes replaced working out with Construction Work: Athletes from Banja Luka building their own Gym

November 14, 2017 2:45 PM

At the city stadium in Banja Luka, less than two weeks ago, works were started to build a gym for the needs of athletes and footballer players who are training in that stadium. The athletes of the AK Banja Luka and the disabled peoples’ club Vrbas are the ones constructing gym.

They temporarily changed their profession from athlete to construction worker to build a place where they could practice. Professional construction workers have also been involved in the work, but the athletes mix cement, carry bricks and boards, and more.

As Dusko Tadic from AK Banja Luka told, they need a gym, but they did not have the money to build it, so they decided to make it themselves with their own hands and with the help of good people who donated the material.

“The administration of FK Borac gave us the green light for construction under the northern hall a month ago. In the past two weeks, with the help of the members and friends of the club, we have done a great deal of work, from the demolition to the expansion of the space. We are currently installing walls, and in addition, we are searching for someone to help us to secure the flooring and installation panel panels for the roof construction, since the existing panel is broken in many places,” Tadic told us.

They are also looking for material to equip space. For the time being, they have acquired a running track they received as a donation. Tadic points out that citizens have begun inquire as to how to help them, thanks to media reports.

“Dragan Banjac, the head of the Department for Education, Health, Youth and Sports, promised that we will receive support from the City, also visited us and we also hope that the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Srpska will support the works have,” Tadic said.

He emphasized that they have excellent cooperation with the complete team of FK Borac, which helps to grow alongside them and create what is needed for better conditions for the work of athletes.

“This is a proof that work and persistence pay off, because from nothing we created something and this in addition to the results we are achieving with the current infrastructure, but with the trim track whose construction should start in Mladen Stojanovic Park for all athletes and recreational players, it should be even better,” Tadic said.

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