Association Pomozi.ba donated 10,000 BAM for the Treatment of little Nejla

The Association Pomozi.ba donated 10,000 BAM for the treatment of little Nejla Alibasic.

From this association was stated that they felt moral obligation to make their contribution to the humanitarian action for the treatment of little Nejla, although they were not the initiators of this humanitarian appeal.

Nejla was diagnosed with the neuroblastoma cancer and she has already started with her chemotherapy treatment. The continuation of the treatment has to take place abroad and a large amount of money is needed for that.

“We have put our PayPal account at disposal for all donations, and we organized a humanitarian bazaar for little Nejla on Saturday, December 16, 2017. We have collected a total of 5,720 BAM over PayPal. We also collected 2.955 BAM through the humanitarian bazaar and the donation box, which was set for Nejla’s treatment, and the rest of the funds were added from our donations so we managed to round up the figure on 10.000 BAM,” as announced from this association.

Since the continuation of treatment is planned abroad, and its flow is still uncertain, we believe that additional money will be needed. Anyone who wants to give contribution can make their donation on the bank account of Nejla’s father:

For payments from BiH:

Bosnia Bank International


For payments abroad:

Bosnia Bank International

IBAN: BA391413061320633527


Purpose: For Nejla

Recipient: Mirnes Alibasic, Omladinska 3, Vogosca, Sarajevo, BiH

Moreover, you can donate 2 BAM by calling 090 291 033 (the number is only for BH Telecom and it is activated by Nejla’s family and intended only for the purpose of help for Nejla).

(Source: faktor.ba)

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