Association aiming to Revive the Truth about Camps in BiH established in Norway

In the Norwegian city of Stavanger, the former detainees who were in camps during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995, established an association aiming to revive and spread the truth about camps and detention camps from the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The decision was made on Saturday at the founding assembly made by delegates – survivors of Prijedor detention camps living in Stavanger and Sandnes municipality.

Prior to the work of the Assembly, the attendees were addressed by one of the survivors of the camp in Prijedor, a detainee Behrija Denic.

After the election of the working presidency of the Assembly, unanimous decisions were adopted on the establishment of the “Association of Former Detainees of Camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Norway 1992-1995” and the decision on the adoption of the Statute of the Association, which headquarters will be in Stavanger.

The message of support for the founding of the Association came from the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Norway, Ibrahim ef. Sabic, Senaid ef. Kobilica, as well as the BiH ambassador to Kingdom of Norway Nedim Makarevic.

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