The Assembly of ZDC to abolish the Right of Politicians to “White Bread”?

February 5, 2018 8:00 AM

The Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton adopted the Law on Salaries and Compensations in the authorities of the ZDC, with which was abolished the professionalization of deputies, “white bread” and separate life compensations.

With this law, the Zenica-Doboj Canton could save about 1.5 million BAM on an annual basis.

Chairman of the Assembly of ZDC Jasmin Duvnjak stated that they were waiting for this law for 8 years.

“With the application of this law, the salaries of members of the Government, the Chairman of the Assembly and state employees will be reduced from 10 to 30 %. At the same time, salaries of employees in lower positions will be increased. We finally managed to abolish the right on “white bread”, the professionalization of deputies and the right to lump sum for the chairman,” stated Duvnjak.

The Civic Initiative Centers also provided support to the Assembly of ZDC, and they noted that they are hoping that this positive example will not be ignored by other state institutions, and that others, led by a good example of the institutions of ZDC, would comply their salaries and privileges with the general situation in our society.

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