Assembly of Canton Sarajevo on the Convocation of the New Government

The representative of the Assembly of the Canton Sarajevo will for the third time after the elections in 2010 negotiate about the convocation of the new Government. The session at which the new executive power should be appointed has already begun. Two months were needed for the Assembly majority to propose the new Government and the mandate Suad Zeljković

The new Assembly majority, headed by the political party SDA, voted  distrust  to the cantonal Government  consisting of SDP B&H and SBB.  The parliamentary majority has proved that they have the necessary number of votes to appoint the new Government. The minimum votes needed are 18.

Besides the proposal for the confirmation of the Government of Canton Sarajevo, the agenda also includes the Proposal of the decision on acceptance of indebtedness under the Loan Agreement (a project related to the water system and water waste in Sarajevo) between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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