Assembly of Canton Sarajevo dismissed Presidents of Cantonal Public Utilities

May 15, 2019 11:00 AM

The Sarajevo Canton Assembly dismissed the current presidents and members of the cantonal public utility company “Trgovine-pijace” and “Toplane-Sarajevo”, and appointed the new assembly management of these companies for a period of three months.

Adnan Jasarevic was appointed as Acting President of the Assembly of the KJKP “Trgovine-Pijace”, and Sejfo Sehovic and Zlatko Dulic were appointed to perform the duties of the members of the Assembly of this company.

Also, the acting president of the assembly of the KJKP “Toplane” is Amra Sabanovic, and v.d. Members of the Assembly are Zajim Hrvat and Muamer Hadzovic.



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