Around 1.000 Guarantors exempted from the Obligation of paying Someone else’s Credits

July 6, 2015 8:30 AM

gurantorsIn the last 12 months, around 1.000 guarantors were exempted from the obligation of paying someone else’s credits, as stated by the president of the Association for the protection of guarantors of B&H, Jovica Cvjetkovic.

Cvjetkovic said that, after an adoption of the Law on the protection of guarantors and the increase of a responsibility level of the Agency for Banking, courts started to take into account a fact that credits were given without an appropriate documentation.

He added that the number of citizens in B&H who agree to be guarantors is decreased due to the lessons learned by those who are paying someone else’s credits.

Cvjetkovic appealed to citizens not to accept to be guarantors because banks do not operate in accordance with the amendments of the Law from 2012 and 2013, but “give credits under the old law“.

Sulejman Ceribasic from Samac in past few years paid off four loans in a total amount of 120.000 BAM.

Since debtors haven’ paid their loans, Ceribasic’s accounts were blocked until the charge of all claims of banks.

In a court proceeding, he was exempted from paying one of the loans.



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