Armed Forces of Bosnia prepare Tents for Migrants in Lipa Camp

In accordance with the decision of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina on December 31 in the late afternoon, began preparing military tents and this morning will head to the camp “Lipa” to install them for the accommodation of homeless migrants.

The request for setting up military tents was submitted by the Ministry of Security of BiH to the Ministry of Defense of BiH in the prescribed procedure, which forwarded the request for approval to the Presidency of BiH, as the Supreme Commander.

The Presidency of BiH approved this request, and today the units of the Armed Forces BiH will be sent to the migrant camp “Lipa”, which was recently devastated in a fire.

In this way, the Armed Forces of BiH will help endangered migrants, but also the current mitigation of the migrant crisis in BiH. As always, when different competent levels of government in the country are not able to respond in a timely manner to various crises and threats, the AF BiH is ready to responsibly perform every task set before them by the Presidency of BiH, for the benefit of citizens across the country, is stated from the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

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