Armed Forces of BiH participated in the International Military Exercise “Immediate Response 19”

The Armed Forces Unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the International Military Exercise “Immediate Response 19”, which took place from 21st May to 7th June 2019 on military poligons in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Hungary.

The Great International Exercise “Immediate Response 19”, which is held on the Slunje in Croatia and the Kaposvar military base in Hungary, plans and directs the USEUCOM Command, focusing on the training of the member states of the A-5 Initiative.

Approximately 1,600 members from 15 countries participated, including the Armed Forces of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo *, USA, Poland, France and the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Italy and Germany, Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for this exercise have engaged 20 vehicles, of which 17 are specialized HUMWEE vehicles for the transport of infantry units performing regular tasks on certain polygons.

Already today, on May 23, Slunj units have been performing complex tactical tasks in accordance with missions defined through the Operational Order. Present guests are presented with the abilities of mobility units in the multinational environment through the realization of convection operations.

Preparations and training of units were demanding and challenging, and participation of the Armed Forces Unit in BiH is an opportunity for the Armed Forces of BiH to demonstrate the level of trainin and interoperability with other participants in the international environment.

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