Arabs announcing Construction of a Luxury Complex Green Valley City! (video)

f104263The company Green Valley International Real Estate, based in Abu Dhabi, announces two projects worth 620 million dirhams (168.7 million US dollars) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Morocco.

According to Arab media, this company has almost completed the construction projects in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East. In BiH, they have chosen Vogošća where they will build the Green Valley City on one of the highest peaks above Sarajevo.

The complex will cover 73.000 square meters and will have 106 villas and 224 apartments (studio, one room and two room apartments), as well as numerous exclusive facilities, services and amenities such as pools, health club, promenade, basketball court, a hall, supermarket, restaurants, cafes and other contents.

Projects in BiH and Morocco, just like those in Turkey, are a part of the company’s strategy Green Valley which strives to offer the citizens of countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council an opportunity to invest in property outside of the region.

Owner of this company Ali Saeed Al Salami said that they are privileged to announce two new big projects in Marrakesh and Sarajevo.

“Both projects are luxury projects that offer great possibilities of investing in cities that are considered the perfect tourist destinations,” Ali Saeed Al Salami said, adding that they expect the demand for the new real estate to be phenomenal.


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