Arab Businessman to build a Sports and Recreational Center on Igman?

August 31, 2017 8:30 AM

Arab company the Emirates Ltd., which is the owner of Sunnyland on Trebevic and Hotel Feri on Igman, is planning to build a sports and recreation center in Veliko Polje. In the letter sent to the Municipality of Hadzici, they stated that they are planning to expand their capacities.

“At its 9th regular session, the Municipal Council of the Municipality Hadzici adopted a plan of activities in relation to Igman and Veliko Polje, and the initiator is the Government of CS but without the purchase of land. The idea is to secure the contents of Hotel Feri and only interest of the citizens of CS is important. That project is led by the Institute for Development of the CS,” as announced from the Municipality of Hadzici.

In the Ministry of Economy of CS claim that they do not know anything about the idea of giving Veliko Polje on disposal to an Arab investor, while from the Department for Development of the CS noted that they will make an urban plan at the initiative of the Municipality of Hadzici.

Igman is divided on three municipalities, the majority of it belongs to Hadzici, a smaller part to Trnovo and the smallest part to Ilidza. An implementation document was created for the area of Igman for the purpose of constructing facilities and trails for the Olympics in 1982. A significant part of these buildings is devastated and it is completely normal that the municipality made a decision to do a new plan. Whether Emirates will do it or someone else, the Department has nothing to do with that, and it will be determined later. That will certainly be just construction in the function of sport and the construction does not mean devastation since Igman needs sport-recreation facilities,” said Hamdija Efendic, the Director of the Institute for Development Planning of CS.

To recall, Sheik Mohammed al Qasimi said that hotel Feri will be called O3 and it will have 65 rooms.

Since it will be completely adapted to the sports teams, it will include several football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts for camps and academies, running trails, wellness and a swimming pool. The hotel will also have a medical room and rooms for massage. The construction should be completed before the start of the EYOF, at the beginning of 2019.

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