Appeal for Help: War Veteran needs a Roof over his Head

July 10, 2018 9:00 AM

There are a lot of sad stories in BiH that we can hear every day, but this one about Cazim Mrso who has been sleeping on the street for years, definitely needs a help of good people.

Dzenana Vukovic from Sarajevo made an appeal via Facebook with Dzenet Vkc and they invited everyone to help Cazim Mrso and that he “slept in the rain last night, got sick and now has pneumonia.”

She added that good people brought some stuff to Cazim, and that he got new crutches, since someone stole his previous ones.

“I went to the Home for the Elderly People where he was staying a long time ago, but they did not want to give me his healthcare record. They told me to call the people from social work. We need to help him and get him out of the street. If someone can help him with at least a room to accommodate him contact us, even if we need to pay. We need a sleeping bag, and we need help, “she wrote, and added that everyone who wants to help can contact Dzenet or Dzenana.



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