Another Mass Grave found in Srebrenica

A mass grave was found today in the area of ​​Kragljivod, Srebrenica municipality, and the bodies of three victims have been found so far. The re-exhumation of 11 victims began in the Brcko area today as well.

According to the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to their information, there are clear indications that these are Bosniak victims who died in 1993 in this area.

Along with the victims, clothes and shoes were also found. The exhumation will continue tomorrow, unless it is completed today.

After the exhumation, the remains of the victims will be transferred to the Commemorative Center in Tuzla for criminal-technical processing and taking of bone samples in order to determine the identity of the victims with the help of the DNA method.

The exhumation in the field is managed by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the site also includes a forensic pathologist, representatives of the Institute for Missing Persons and ICMP of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as workers and machinery, and the location is secured by police officers.

On the order of the Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office, the process of re-exhumation at the Ivijci cemetery in the Brcko area began today.

Eleven graves will be opened today to add subsequently found remains to the previously buried victims, the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina said.

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