Another BH Municipality renounces New Year’s Celebration: We will not decorate our Streets, we will fix them!

December 21, 2016 10:15 AM

bileca_001Mayor of Kakanj, who decided to give the money from the city budget for the treatment of a young boy instead of public celebration of New Year’s Eve, inspired and thrilled the entire BiH. Inspired by him, some similar decisions were adopted by the authorities of some other BH municipalities as well.

Thus, leaders of the Municipality of Bileca, will invest the money in the reconstruction of the roads in this city, instead of decorating them. The city administration has decided to spend 20,000 BAM, which is the minimum amount necessary to buy new decorations on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, on the reconstruction of roads, and this information was confirmed by Radenko Popara, the Head of Planning and Housing Affairs of the Municipality of Bileca.

“This year we decided to invest the money from the budget of the municipality where it is a priority, in the reconstruction of the street instead of decorations. We think that this is much more useful for the whole city at the moment. There will always be opportunity to celebrate and decorate, but this year we decided that this is much more necessary,” said Popara.

“I think that all citizens of BiH need to invest money where it is needed. There will be time for celebration when we create a surplus in our budget. Due to the problems in these times of crisis, we need to give money for purposes that will improve the quality and standard of life for all citizens. And these are certainly good examples, no matter if some people think differently,” said Popara.

He added that the municipal administration saved 20,000 BAM, if not more, by this move, and that the money was redirected in the implementation of the reconstruction of the main street in Bileca, whose implementation requires a total of 130.000 BAM.

It is certain that this is another positive example of BH government during the financial crisis, and many citizens throughout BiH have recognized this and supported such a move of authorities in Bileca.



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