Annual Training Conference for Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina held in Sarajevo


The Annual Training Conference for Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina was held on Tuesday at BiH’s Armed Forces House in Sarajevo. The conference presented topics on education, training of AFBiH commands and units during 2019, as well as the problems and challenges that AFBiH commands and units face during the planned training activities, all with the aim of improving the planning, implementation, standardization, evaluation and further development of the training and education management system in the BiH Armed Forces.

The conference was attended by top representatives of the BiH Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as representatives of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo and EUFOR.

On this occasion, the following topics were discussed:  “Training of combat units and units of combat support – realized training and suggestions for improvement”, “Concept of operational capability and evaluation process of declared units of AF BiH”, “Institutional training in AF BiH”, ” Training Support Resources “,” International Competitions for AFBiH Members in the Military Disciplines “,” Modulating Specialist Training in the AFBiH “, International Exercises, International Cooperation Programs and Training with EUFOR”, “AFBiH Training Plan 2021-2023” and others.


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