Annual National Program of BiH needed for NATO Membership once again taken out from the Agenda

March 11, 2019 2:00 PM

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) today should consider the Annual National Program of BiH, which is already taken of agenda several times and it is expected that this will happen today at the request of the ministers from the Serbian people.

Council of Ministers will discuss the appointments and extensions of mandates in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the authority of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the work program of the Council of Ministers for 2019.

Ministers will also consider information on the inflow of migrants to BiH.

When it comes to migrants crises in BiH, on March 8th, it was stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) expects an increased number of migrants on the so-called Balkan route on their path towards the EU.

Last year, around 25,000 migrants from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia went through BiH hoping to enter the EU through neighboring Croatia, a member of the bloc, Mektic said, adding that the EU failed to address the growing crisis.

“We expect an escalation of migrant problems, not just in BiH, but along that route,” BiH’s Security Minister Dragan Mektic said.

According to him, information from official institutions, including European, tells that about 70,000 migrants, now in Greece, are moving towards Western Europe.

“This is not just BiH’s problem, we want to be part of the European solution, but the EU cannot agree on solutions. This illegal migration is simply allowed to continue, “Mektic said.

He said that BiH, poor and paralyzed by the fragmented authorities, does not have the economic or political capacity to support a large inflow of migrants.

Last year the EU allocated some 9.2 million euros ($10.3 million) to help Bosnia set up migrant reception centres with a current capacity of 4,500 people.


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